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A relaxing trip to the dentist with
sedation in Springfield

It is impossible to estimate how many patients suffer from dental anxieties or phobias, because
many of them will not seek dental care until they have a major problem. Sadly, others will not see
a dentist regardless of how severe their dental problems are. Dr. Kanorwalla and the staff here at
Vanguard Dental offer our patients two forms of sedation to help anxious patients relax during
their visit to our office.

Nitrous Oxide

This is the mildest form of sedation and is beneficial for those who have mild phobias; it can also help some patients with sensitive gag reflexes. Nitrous oxide can be beneficial for patients who have trouble getting adequately numb with local anesthetic but it does not take the place of the local anesthetic. One of the advantages to nitrous oxide is there are no lingering effects, you will be able to drive and return to your normal activities, the only restrictions will be based on the dental treatment that was performed - not the sedation.

Oral sedation

This is a much stronger form of sedation and is appropriate for patients who have severe dental anxieties. Patients who choose this form of sedation take a pill prior to their appointment, and by the time they arrive at Vanguard Dental, they will be relaxed and ready for their procedure. Although many patients do not remember the details of their appointment, and some fall asleep, they can easily be awakened and respond to Dr. Kanorwalla questions and requests such as opening their mouth or biting down.

Because the sedation must be taken prior to the appointment, patients have to arrange for someone to take them to their appointment and then back home. Once home, most patients will sleep off any remaining effects of the sedation. This safe and effective method makes it possible for many patients to get the necessary preventive and restorative dental work that their fears would prohibit them from doing without the sedation.

To find out what a pleasant and relaxing experience a trip to the dentist can be, call our Springfield office at 413 543 2555 and schedule your appointment. From routine preventive care to necessary restorative care, sedation can help you relax and make a lifetime of smiles possible.

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