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Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a brilliant, white smile to match his or her beaming personality. Sometimes, due
to the food we eat, what we drink, and our personal habits, our teeth may become dull or discolored
over the course of time. Additionally, many patients are also fighting genetics, medications, or aging,
which can cause a natural yellowing of the teeth. When it comes to addressing a less than perfect smile,
many patients will turn to cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening.

At Vanguard Dental, we offer two popular options for whitening your teeth.

Families from Wilbraham, Hampden, Springfield, Ludlow, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Chicopee,
Belchertown, and Monson will be delighted to know that their local private-practice dentist at
Vanguard Dental provides teeth whitening.

Power Whitening

Technology Procedure Power Whitening
A popular cosmetic treatment offered at Vanguard Dental includes our power whitening. This in-office treatment is used to whiten teeth in as little as one hour. When patients come in for their scheduled appointment, they are seated in the dentist's chair. Specialized whitening gels are brushed directly onto the enamel of the teeth, and a specialized high-intensity light is used to activate the gel. The whitening agents work by dissolving the stains and improving the patient's smile up to eight shades whiter in just one visit.

At-Home Whitening

Esthetic Dentistry Home Whitening
Patients who are looking for a more affordable alternative may consider the at-home whitening kit, which is also known as "while you sleep whitening." A special tray is custom made and they will be given a tube of special whitening gel. The dentist will educate the patient on how to properly administer the whitening product and wear the whitening trays to get the best results. Patients who have done the in-office power whitening may also consider taking home the at-home whitening trays to maintain their smile over time. A combination of the two whitening treatments will present the best results.

At Vanguard Dental, we believe that a healthy smile is a happy smile. Whitening your teeth has never been easier, and professional grade whitening products are much more effective and affordable than the over the counter whitening kits you can purchase at your local drugstore. Patients find that the whitening results are more effective, and that the results last longer than traditional store-bought brands. Patients who have struggled with poor results from over the counter alternatives will find that professional whitening is considerably more effective.

If you're ready to boost your smile to the next level, call Vanguard Dental today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Kanorwalla and her staff at Vanguard Dental are very accommodating. She just fixed a problem I have had for 60 yrs which other dentists said couldn't be fixed. She had re-established my trust in the dental profession.

~Marci L.
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