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Dry Mouth Therapy

Xerostomia, also known as dry mouth, is a condition that is uncomfortable and can greatly affect
a patient's oral health. Patients may find that the dry mouth is enough to be bothersome and may
seek treatment at their dental office. Notifying your dentist of problems associated with dry
mouth is important in treating the issue and ensuring that your dental health is not affected
because of it.

Families from Wilbraham, Hampden, Springfield, Ludlow, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Chicopee,
Belchertown, and Monson will be delighted to know that their local private-practice dentist at
Vanguard Dental provides dry mouth therapy.

Oral Conditions Xerostomia
Seeing your dentist and periodontist at Vanguard Dental regularly is essential in diagnosing and treating problems associated with dry mouth. Patients who suffer from dry mouth may have an increased risk for oral diseases, cavities, and other conditions. Diagnosis is the key to providing the proper treatment and addressing the issue at its core.

We will first determine what is causing the dry mouth. Sometimes, it is a side effect of a new medication. Regardless, it can increase your chances of having periodontal disease and dental caries, so finding a way to combat the problem will ensure that it does not cause damage to your oral health.

At Vanguard Dental, we will ensure proper treatment of dry mouth. We will request that patients come in for regular oral examinations and cleanings, and possibly fluoride treatments. Any dental concern that arises should be addressed immediately to keep problems from progressing past the point of repair. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly may help. If standard methods of addressing dry mouth do not work, your dentist can prescribe special mouthwashes to assist in relieving you of the side effects that can occur from dry mouth. Talking with your dentist about the problem will allow her to provide the best solution for you.

Other at-home ways to improve salivary stimulation include the use of a humidifier in the home, sugar-free candies and mints, and the consumption of water to hydrate the body. We can educate you about the various ways that you can improve the condition of dry mouth without specialized treatments. Although it may not completely rid the patient of the problem, it can help improve the condition and be of great use in conjunction with other dental considerations.

If you are suffering from dry mouth (xerostomia) and are looking for a solution, contact Vanguard Dental today to schedule a consultation appointment and examination and find out how you can combat the problems associated with this troublesome oral condition.

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