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Springfield dentist explains Invisalign

Realigning the teeth brings to mind years of orthodontic treatment with metal bracket and wire
braces. Thankfully, there have been many improvements in orthodontia, as well as methods of
dentistry. Instead, teenagers and adults can enjoy Invisalign braces from Springfield area dentist,
Dr. Kanorwalla, of Vanguard Dental.

Invisalign braces provide patients with an alternative to conventional therapies. Instead of using metal brackets and wires glued to the enamel of teeth to move teeth slowly into a more desirable position, patients can use a clear aligner tray. Using impressions of the teeth, the Invisalign laboratory fabricates a series of dental trays, which are made of clear plastic so they are discreet during use. Patients wear each tray for approximately two weeks before moving on to the next aligner in the series. The teeth are gradually repositioned in the dental arch for a more aesthetic appearance and better bite alignment. This can improve the function of the smile and reduce unwanted wear and tear on teeth.

There are many benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces. The most commonly considered advantage is its clear, invisible treatment. Since patients must wear their aligner trays at all time, they want something discreet. Instead of hiding behind metal braces, patients can use these clear plastic trays to achieve the same results. Invisalign is economical, easy to use, and does not restrict patients from eating the foods they enjoy. No restrictions are placed on popcorn, taffy, and other foods that are not allowed during conventional orthodontic treatment. Patients can also remove the aligner trays to easily brush and floss their teeth, allowing them to maintain better oral health throughout their transformation. Invisalign can provide patients with a complete rejuvenation of their smile in as little as nine months, and only a few appointments are needed throughout the treatment to enjoy the benefits of a straighter, more aligned smile!

If you are in the Springfield area and want to learn about braces and the advantages of Invisalign, contact Vanguard Dental today. We also serve families in Wilbraham, Hampden, Ludlow, Belchertown, East Longmeadow, Palmer, Chicopee, Granby, Sixteen Acres, and Indian Orchard.

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