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Cosmetic dentistry services provided by
Springfield area dentist

A beautiful smile can provide patients with self-confidence. Patients who have dazzling white teeth
that are properly aligned and healthy tend to laugh more, smile more, and enjoy better self-esteem.
However, not every individual was born with a naturally beautiful smile. Many patients deal with
problems such as misalignment, dull enamel, and dental decay. Patients in Springfield who are
considering the benefits of cosmetic dentistry are urged to speak with Dr. Kanorwalla of Vanguard
Dental to find out about the various dental services provided by her practice.

Missing teeth can be restored in a number of ways, including the use of partial or full dentures. These removable restorations are made to improve the dental arch and the beauty of the smile after tooth loss has occurred.

Patients who have periodontal disease may experience swollen, red gums, which can detract from the beauty of a smile, as well as the health. By using periodontal treatments such as scaling and root planing, we can control periodontal disease and patients see the results of a more beautiful, aesthetic smile!

Dental Implants
Dentures may be an economical solution for patients with permanent tooth loss, but no other restoration surpasses the strength and value of dental implants. These titanium posts are placed in the jawbone and restored with a dental crown to act as a stand-alone false tooth to improve chewing, biting, and speaking efficiency. They can also hold full cosmetic dentures in the mouth better than dental adhesives and suction do.

Restorative Dentistry
A smile makeover at Vanguard Dental may consist of a number of restorative procedures, including composite bonding, tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, and bridges. All of these treatments can improve the health and appearance of the smile while offering protection and restoration of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening
The fastest way to a dazzling smile is through professional teeth whitening services at Vanguard Dental. Over-the-counter whitening products such as strips, trays, and toothpastes cannot provide the same strength and results as Vanguard Dental's whitening products.

Realigning the teeth and bite can improve function of the smile, and can allow patients to feel more self-confident. Using clear aligner trays, teenagers and adults can address misalignment with Invisalign orthodontics.

Are you interested in cosmetic dentistry services in the Springfield area? Call Dr. Kanorwalla of Vanguard Dental today! We also serve families in Wilbraham, Hampden, Ludlow, East Longmeadow, Chicopee, Sixteen Acres, Indian Orchard, Belchertown, Palmer and Granby.

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