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Creating a new smile with cosmetic
dentistry in Ludlow

Do you dream of teeth that are brilliantly white, perfectly shaped, and evenly spaced? For many
people that is a lifelong dream, and the good news is that with the help of Vanguard Dental you can
have that million-dollar smile.

Cosmetic dentistry essentially refers to any number of procedures that work to improve the aesthetics of a patient's smile. A number of these procedures also benefit a patient's oral health, while others just improve the appearance of their smiles. When it comes to creating a million-dollar smile, the procedures involved vary depending on a patient's needs and goals. Some patients only need one or two procedures that can be completed in a few office visits while others need a complete smile makeover that may take quite some time.

Common procedures

Teeth whitening – This is one of most frequently performed dental procedures. Patients have two options, they can whiten their teeth at home over the course of a few weeks, or they can do it in the office in a single visit. Dr. Kanorwalla will discuss both options so patients can chose what is best for them. Either way, they can expect their teeth to lighten by several shades. Teeth whitening is very effective on stains from coffee, tea, and wine.

Crowns and bridges – These are restorative treatments, but when the damaged tooth is repaired, it enhances the aesthetics of the smile. They are frequently included in smile makeovers. When a patient is missing teeth, the result is unsightly gaps, which can be corrected with dental bridges. Crowns can repair teeth that are too damaged from decay to be filled, or have been broken.

Veneers – This procedure is frequently included in a smile makeover, and it is commonly paired with teeth whitening to rejuvenate a patient's smile. Veneers are thin pieces porcelain that is bonded to the front of a patient's teeth. They can address a number of issues, including the size and shape of teeth, as well as the color. When a patient has stained teeth that will not respond to whitening treatments, veneers can help. They are also useful for teeth that are cracked or broken, but do not need a crown.

Other procedures – There are many other possible procedures that can be used, especially when doing a smile makeover. A few possibilities are:
  • Dental fillings – with the uses of composite fillings a tooth with a cavity can be restored to look natural.
  • Invisalign® Orthodontics (clear braces) – when teeth are crooked is necessary to straighten them. This will improve not only the look of a patient's smile but also their oral health.
  • Periodontal treatments – These can be used to restore a natural gum line. Either when the teeth are covered by too much tissue or when it has receded from the teeth.
Dr. Kanorwalla and the staff at Vanguard Dental will take the time to listen to patients and understand their needs and goals, then devise an individualized treatment plan. Residents of Ludlow who want a smile that can light up a room need to call Vanguard Dental today at 413 543 2555 to schedule an appointment.

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