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Enhance your smile with teeth
whitening in Springfield

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) conducted a survey, and 99.7 percent of
those who responded considered a smile to be an important social asset. Another question on
the survey was what makes a smile unattractive, one of the most common answers was how
white a person's teeth are.

Teeth naturally discolor over time, but habits like drinking a morning cup of coffee, or having a glass of red wine with dinner, can rapidly discolor them. The shade of your teeth is not something you have to live with; Vanguard Dental offers their patients teeth whitening. Patients have two options to choose from, in-office and at-home whitening, they can decide what works best for their needs and schedules. The in-office option can lighten teeth by several shades in just one appointment. Depending on the types and degree of staining you may need a second appointment, or to follow up with at-home whitening.

At-home whitening, can address most stains that result from coffee, tea, wine, or other foods and drinks that are consumed on a regular basis. Dr. Kanorwalla, or a staff member, will take impressions and these will be used to create custom whitening trays that you will wear every night for about two weeks. As with in-office whitening, your teeth can lighten by several shades, depending on how discolored they were to begin with. You will see gradual results every day during the course of your treatment.

The first step in the whitening process for both at-home or in-office is a through dental exam. If Dr. Kanorwalla finds a problem like cavities or gum disease, this will have to be treated prior to having your teeth whitened. She may also recommend that you have your teeth cleaned before beginning the whitening procedure. If there is any tartar on the surface of the tooth it can prevent the whitening gel from contacting the tooth's enamel and could result in dark spots on your teeth. Patients often schedule their appointments for whitening to coincide with their regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings. If you are embarrassed by your smile because your teeth are discolored, call Vanguard Dental at 413 543 2555 and schedule an appointment. Teeth whitening is giving Springfield residents a reason to smile. Give us a call today and find out what Dr. Kanorwalla can do for your smile.

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