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Teeth whitening options in Springfield, MA

Is your smile a little less than white? If years of coffee, iced tea, red wine, and chocolate have left your pearly whites a little drab, it might be hard to think of much else. Everywhere you turn, from the grocery store to the television, there are products promising to deliver fast and vibrant results.

However, if you’re considering teeth whitening, you might consider the advantages of doing so under the direction of a dentist. At Vanguard Dental, in Springfield, MA, Dr. Yogita Kanorwalla offers her patients several options for professional teeth whitening. Dr. Kanorwalla knows that your smile is your greatest asset and simply whitening your teeth can result in dramatic improvement.

To that end, Dr. Kanorwalla offers her patients the option of choosing professional whitening in her office or in the comfort of your own home. In-office whitening is popular because it’s quick and easy. During the one-hour session, a whitening gel will be applied to your teeth and activated with a special light. The entire procedure is done under the supervision of Dr. Kanorwalla and her team of caring professionals. When you’re finished, you leave the office with a whiter, brighter smile.

If you would prefer gradual results or a treatment system you can use at home, you can opt for the at-home whitening trays. These trays will be made to custom fit your mouth, ensuring the best results. The trays are comfortable enough to wear while you sleep, leading to a more sparkling smile in just a few nights. Each morning your smile will be a bit whiter than the night before with complete results noticeable in about two weeks. Additionally, patients who choose in-office whitening may use the at-home trays to refresh their smile when it starts to appear discolored again.

If you think your teeth could use a professional whitening treatment, call Vanguard Dental today. Dr. Kanorwalla and her team are bringing happier smiles to residents of Springfield, MA while also serving families in Wilbraham, Hampden, Ludlow, East Longmeadow, Chicopee, Sixteen Acres, Indian Orchard Belchertown, Palmer and Granby. With a full suite of dentistry services and gentle, friendly care, you can be sure that your smile and the dental health of your entire family are in good hands. Call today to schedule a consultation and be on your way to a happier, brighter smile.

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