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What happens during an endodontics
appointment in Springfield?

Endodontics therapy, also known as root canal therapy, is feared by some patients. The idea of
having a root canal brings to mind pain and discomfort. However, the procedure is the complete
opposite. Patients who are experiencing pain can seek the assistance of an endodontic dentist
in Springfield to ease thediscomfort and help them live pain-free once again. By understanding
what occurs during an endodontics appointment, patients are less anxious about their visit
and are aware of the benefits of undergoing the treatment.

Root canals are necessary in instances in which the inside portion of the tooth is diseased or infected. This may occur due to a deep cavity or fracture. It results in pain as the problem reaches the dental pulp, which is located in the innermost area of the natural tooth. This is where the nerves are located, which are the pain sensors. When patients come to Vanguard Dental with complaints of a toothache, they may benefit from root canal therapy to address the problem.

During this treatment, patients are thoroughly relaxed with local anesthetics and sedation. Patients enjoy a comfortable treatment during which Dr. Kanorwalla makes a hole in the tooth to access the center. The dental pulp is then removed with special instruments, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected before gutta percha is used to seal it to prevent further problems. After this procedure has been done, there will be no more feeling or sensation from the tooth, but the natural tooth is maintained. This avoids the need for restorative procedures such as partial dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges.

Dr. Kanorwalla is proud to offer root canal therapy for patients who need it in the Springfield area. She also serves families in surrounding communities, including Wilbraham, Hampden, Ludlow, East Longmeadow, Chicopee, Sixteen Acres, and Indian Orchard. If you live in the area and you are considering endodontics, aesthetic, or general dentistry procedures, contact Vanguard Dental today to schedule a consultation visit with our trusted, experienced staff.

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