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Options for dentures Wilbraham

The list of reasons that patients may lose their teeth is endless. Sometimes it is from neglect and
at other times, it is from unavoidable dental conditions. The loss of teeth can affect the aesthetics
of your smile and your oral health. When there is a space from a missing tooth, the remaining teeth
can lean into the gap. This may cause misalignment, which makes effective oral hygiene difficult,
increasing the risk of periodontal disease. Additionally, misalignment can cause painful conditions
in the jaw.

When a patient is only missing a few teeth, and the rest are healthy, a fixed dental bridge or implant can be used, but they are not always the best option. Dr. Kanorwalla will discuss these options with you. In cases where a patient needs multiple teeth replaced, or the remaining teeth are not healthy, a partial or full denture is likely the best solution.

Partial denture

These are designed to anchor around existing teeth and fill the gaps left by missing teeth. These allow patients to eat, smile, and speak normally. They also protect the remaining teeth from shifting and becoming loose.

Full denture

This is the best solution when all of a patient’s teeth need to be replaced. This option is suitable for both the upper and lower arches. Although they may take some time to get accustomed to, they can restore a patient’s confidence. They look very natural and are aesthetically pleasing. As with partials, patients will be able to dramatically improve the way they eat, smile, and speak.

Implant supported

The most common complaint from Wilbraham patients who have received full dentures is about them slipping. Dr. Kanorwalla and her staff can solve this problem with implants. This procedure will require multiple appointments. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate, the first step is to place the implant into your jawbone. Once this implant has fused with the jawbone (this will take several months), the abutments with the ball heads can be placed. These will correspond to snaps in the dentures that will go over the abutments. This is a good option for patients receiving their first set of dentures, or for those who have been wearing them for years and are tired of them slipping.

It is the goal of the staff at Vanguard Dental to help patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, if the time comes that they must be extracted; patients can rest assured that they will receive outstanding dental care and a beautiful set of teeth that they will not be embarrassed to show off. If you need dentures, call Vanguard Dental at 413 543 2555 today to schedule your appointment.

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