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Why the removal of wisdom
teeth is necessary in Springfield

Wisdom teeth (also called the third molars) are the last to erupt, normally between the ages
of 16 and 21. These teeth are also the most problematic; they are often impacted or do
not fully erupt. Some people never develop wisdom teeth, but they are the minority.
The majority of people who have wisdom teeth will need to have them extracted.

Problems caused by wisdom teeth

Impacted – This occurs when the wisdom teeth do not have room to erupt due to crowding. This is often painful and can damage the other teeth. As the tooth begins to erupt, it contacts the second (twelve-year) molar, resulting in pressure that can fracture the tooth. The wisdom tooth may simply be crowded and when it tries to erupt it contacts the crown of the second molar, but in other cases, it is at an angle, in extreme cases, it is horizontal.

Partially erupted – When only part of a wisdom tooth’s crown is visible and the remainder is still covered by gum tissue, the tooth is more prone to cavities and can result in gum disease. This is due to the way the tooth erupts, it leaves an opening for bacteria to enter, which can result in an infection.

Wisdom tooth extractions

Many wisdom teeth require surgical extraction. Although this procedure can be performed at Vanguard Dental’s Springfield office with the use of a local anesthetic, the doctor also offers sedation. It can help ease anxiety, making the procedure much more pleasant. Extracting wisdom teeth early is often recommended, if the roots have not had time to develop fully, removal is much easier.

There are several variables when extracting wisdom teeth, depending on the angle of the tooth and whether it has, or has not, erupted. In the case of a tooth that has not yet erupted, a small incision will be made in the gum tissue to expose the tooth. Once the tooth has been extracted, the incision will be closed.

If you have a wisdom tooth that is causing pain, or you want to know whether yours will eventually cause problems, call Dr. Kanorwalla and the team at Vanguard Dental at 413 543 2555, and schedule an appointment. They will advise you about the best treatment options for your wisdom teeth. They want all of their patients to enjoy a lifetime of smiles.

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